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Bus Stops & Shelters

The provision and maintainance of bus shelters across the District is split between ourselves, parish councils and Derbyshire County Council (bus stops that do not have a bus shelter).

We aim to make sure all our bus shelters are safe, clean and in a proper state of repair.


1. Junction of Portland Avenue & Langwith Road (Water Tower) o/s Crossways Store

2. Junction of Moor Lane & Smithson Avenue Near No.11

3. Junction of Moor Lane & Hornscroft Road o/s Talking Hedz

4. Adjacent to Quiet Women (Brick)

5. Houfton Road, opposite Quiet Women

6. Shuttlewood Road, opposite New Street

7. Bolsover Road, Shuttlewood

8. OutsideShuttlewoodSchool

9. End of Bentinck Road

10. Opposite side Bentinck Road

11. Outside Oxcroft M.W. Clowne Road, Stanfree TP37321

12. Opposite Oxcroft M.W.

13. Opposite "StanfreeSchool"

14. Adjacent to Appletree Inn, Stanfree - Church Rd Clowne to Bolsover Sth Bd TP49510

15. Opposite Appletree Inn, Stanfree

16. Junction of Sutton Hall Road & Charlesworth Street, Carr Vale

17. Station Road Opposite Old Hill

18. Opposite Mercol

If you wish to report any problems relating to Bus Shelters provided by the Town Council please use our Fault Report Form.

1. Portland Avenue - Outside Bungalow

2. St. Lawrence Avenue, opposite No 11.

3. Moor Lane, opposite No 78.

4. Villas Road, outside CastleLeisureCentrePark.

5 Villas Road, adjacent to Green, Model Village.

6. Junction of Houfton Road and Peveril Road

7. Market Place, Bolsover (2)

8. Outside Bainbridge Hall (2)

9. Opposite Bolsover Colliery Entrance (2)

10. Opposite and adjacent to Castle Arms (2)

11. Junction of Houfton Road and Woodhouse Lane

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