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Finance Committee



Terms of reference for the Finance and General Purposes Committee

The Committee is responsible for the Financial Administration of the Council including;

1. Recommendations to Full Council the Annual Budget and Precept requirements;
2. Recommendations to Full Council the dates of meetings of the Council;
3. Reviewing and making recommendations to Full Council on the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and constitution of committees and sub-committees;
4. Monitoring all budgets on a quarterly basis, taking action where required to vire unspent provision to ensure that the overall budget strategy is maintained.
5. Approval of expenditure as per the Financial regulations (4.1) making recommendations to full council on any items outside delegated powers.
6. Recommendations to Full Council on the appointment to or co-option on a Committee or Sub-Committee of a person who is not a Member of the Council or the Committee;
7. Recommendations to Full Council on the appointment or nomination by the Council of persons to fill vacancies on outside bodies arising during the Council year;
8. Recommendations to Full Council on the filling of vacancies occurring on any committee of the Council during the Council year;
9. Dealing with matters specifically referred by Full Council or any other standing committee and with all matters not specifically referred or delegated to any other standing committee within the budget set by Full Council;
10. Dealing with all personnel matters relating to Town Council staff relying on, where appropriate, the Scheme of Conditions of Service of the National Joint Councils, the National Association of Local Councils and advice provided by the Councils HR specialists making recommendations to Full Council.
11. Recommendations to Full Council in respect of community and other grants from the Town Council's revenue and capital funds;
12. Identify policies and actions to ensure safe working practices in the maintenance of Cemetery Grounds, parks and open spaces, allotments, council buildings and other assets.
13. Identify activities to be undertaken by any officer, employee or contractor, who are engaged on work
14. To oversee the day to day management of the cemetery, parks and open spaces, allotments, council buildings and other assets and identify future usage of such assets as they become available.
15. Review the Fees and charges on an annual basis
16. Review rules and regulations on a regular basis relating to cemeteries, allotments, community buildings and other assets.
17. Review lease, rental and other agreements in relation to council land and make recommendations to Full Council.
18. Commission, receive, consider and take action on reports received from other standing committees, council officers, working groups, task and finish groups, external organisations, companies and or similar bodies in the remit of the Committee within the budget set by Full Council.

Allotments Committee


Cllr Derek Adams : Cllr Geoff Davis : Julie Rushby

To consider plans for improvement work to Allotments.

Monitor allotments and deal with any breaches of allotment rules.

Make decisions on enforcement action for any breaches of allotment rules.

Consider requests received from allotment holders.

Make recommendations to the F&GP Committee and full Council the budget for work required.

Make recommendations to Council on allotment rules and regulations.

Oversee the implementation of works including procurement and installation

Provide updates to Full Council.

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