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Call for your views about Bolsover's historic Conduit Houses

Posted: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 12:24 by Andrew Tristram

Call for your views about Bolsover's historic Conduit Houses

Local student, Emma Hancock has asked for local people to complete a short questionnaire about Bolsover's historic Conduit Houses as part of a Conservation Plan that is being developed as part of the University Course.

More details from Emma about the project below:

Bolsover Conduit Houses Survey 2015

I am working on a Conservation Plan for the Bolsover Conduit Houses, which are set in the Backhills, as part of a university course. Local knowledge about the Conduit Houses is invaluable and I also recognise the importance of local opinions. Please can you take two minutes to complete the survey? Your responses will be very helpful with informing the Conservation Plan.

The Conservation Plan will be written as a course assignment. Information and data contained in the plan may or may not be used by other organisations.

To discuss any aspect of the survey or plan please feel free to email me. Improvements have already taken place to footpaths in the Backhills and work is planned for the future management of the Conduit Houses. I am happy to discuss any of these exciting recent developments and provide contacts for the organisations involved including Bolsover Civic Society, Old Bolsover Town Council, Bolsover District Council, English Heritage and Limestone Journeys.

Emma Hancock
Studying Conservation of the Historic Environment at Birmingham City University

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