Old Bolsover Town Council 2017 2018 Precept

Old Bolsover Town Council 2017 2018 Precept

Your Council Tax Bill from Bolsover District Council is made up of precepts from the District Council itself, Derbyshire County Council, Policing Services and Fire Services.

About your Council Tax demand from Old Bolsover Town Council this year.

  • A Band D Taxpayer will contribute £98.86 per year to services provided by Old Bolsover Town Council (£1.90 per week / 27p per day) Band A - £66.24 per year (£1.27 per week / 18p per day)
  • We have the lowest charge of our local neighbouring areas within Bolsover District and provide a large number of services to our residents. We remain over 23% lower than our neighbours in Clowne, Elmton, Langwith and Scarcliffe
  • We are also amongst the lowest charges across the whole District – Sixth lowest out of sixteen.
  • £23.55 lower than the average charge of £122.41 (almost 20%)`
  • Less than half the charge made by Shirebrook Town Council who have the highest charges at £220.64

What Services do the Town Council provide?

  • Parks – We provide and maintain nine Parks and open spaces
  • Play equipment on Parks
  • Allotments – over 500 plots over nine sites
  • Two Community Buildings – Bainbridge Hall and Assembly Hall
  • Provision of Community defibrillators (currently located at Bainbridge Hall and Assembly Hall
  • Supporting Freedom Community Project centre free café, food bank and access to support for a number of issues at Bainbridge Hall every Monday and Wednesday morning.
  • Town Hall
  • Oxcroft Lane Cemetery
  • Bolsover Market
  • New town centre CCTV.
  • Charity Day
  • Food and Drink Festival – a two day event in July
  • Christmas Festival and Lantern Parade
  • Town Centre Floral Displays
  • Organise Remembrance Sunday Parade
  • Christmas Lighting
  • Maintenance of some local Footpaths
  • Our Depot provides a base for our outside workforce and maintaining equipment
  • Providing land and other support for 'Pumpkin Patch' Community Allotment on the Model Village
  • Providing support for other Community Events e.g. Bolsover Gala, Bolsover Hill Race, Shuttlewood Link etc.

plus more. All these services are provided from just 18p a day

We also work closely with community groups e.g. Bolsover Civic Society, Friends of Bolsover Parks, Freedom Project, Local Churches and Community groups. These partnerships have brought improvements to our parks and open spaces. The Backhills area has received funding to improve pathways and the steps on Backhills, Restore seating and Waste Bins and work to restore and maintain the Conduit Houses.

This year…

  • We will have a social activity fund to promote community cohesion, reduce anti-social behaviour and promote health and wellbeing, supporting activities for all ages.
  • A member's ward allowance scheme will support your town councillor to help fund initiatives that really matter in your area.
  • The Council will be more proactive in identifying external grant funding to make your Council Tax funding stretch further.
  • We have committed further resources to ensure our assets and properties are maintained better. e.g. refurbishment of park seating and play equipment. We have adopted the iconic red telephone kiosk in the cenotaph area and also will be adopting the kiosks at the Model Village and Whaley to refurbish them for new uses.
  • We will be putting additional resources into improving and promoting the market.
  • The budget for Bolsover in Bloom will be increased to improve the town centre displays and provide additional planting in other parts of our area.
  • We will continue to endeavour to find a solution to the problems continually raised by residents about traffic on the pedestrianised parts of Cotton Street, Market place and Cenotaph area.
  • Additional resources will be made available to keep our parks and open spaces clean and tidy, especially at weekends.

We are also continuing with programmes to improve our assets. In 2016, this has resulted in fencing improvement to Allotment sites on North View Street and Bentinck Road.

In setting our budget we have also had to allow for a further reduction in the Council Tax support grant passed down by the District Council.

Your Councillors are committed to maintaining services and enhancing the facilities in our town, responding to concerns raised by residents, whilst other important services are being withdrawn by other providers.

Posted: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 17:24 by Andrew Tristram

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